About Us _


With a combined thirty plus years of experience in the laboratory and medical fields, we have drawn on our vast knowledge and networks to develop the perfect solution to implement pharmacogenetic and genetic testing into your laboratory. Whether you are adding a new testing platform, or completely building a new facility, we have a solution to streamline the process and guide you to your desired goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Richard Roth _

Richard Roth is the CEO of the Company. His responsibilities include design and implementation of new molecular labs, custom array development, developing new testing panels, and researching new technologies to include in our clients labs. He is well established in the healthcare industry with over 20 years of experience in capital equipment sales, lab service sales, product development, marketing, lab development and lab management/ownership.

Richard is currently the President of Capstone Genetics in Atlanta, Georgia and was the co-founder of PinPoint Molecular, a molecular laboratory located in Greenville, South Carolina specializing in genetic testing. Richard designed the lab and worked with a team of prominent scientists to develop industry unique testing chips containing select genes and mutations used to create separate test panels serving the Pain Management, Psychiatric, Oncology, Women’s Health, Cardiovascular, Wellness and Geriatric markets. Richard was also the co-founder of PGx Partners, a consulting company that provides a true turnkey solution for Physician Owned Labs, Self Insured Corporations, Direct to Consumer Labs and Reference Labs interested in setting up and performing pharmacogenetics or genetic testing in their own labs. Richard was the co-founder and COO of AquaVast and Brine Tech where he helped develop an innovative, high thru put, water filtration device using nano technology; the device is capable of filtering water down to .01 microns. The filtration technology is still widely used by the military and the oil/gas industry. In 2009, Richard began working with Autogenomics, where he sold capital equipment that performed 40 genetic tests and then assisted in the lab set-up and design process.  Richard held several positions with AmeriPath, now owned by Quest Diagnostics. He began his career with AmeriPath in sales, winning rookie sales person of the year award, Sales Rep of the year and Presidents Club for four consecutive years. He then worked with the Marketing department where he helped develop the lab reports for OB/GYN’s and Urologists. He worked in Product development, where he introduced an existing software product to the GI market allowing Gastroenterologists to save 15 minutes per GI procedure. He then worked in Lab Development where he implemented a PC/TC model for large Urology and GI groups across the country that were interested in building their own labs and then assisted in the lab design.  Richard also had a successful sales career with Johnson and Johnson.



Christy Roth _

Christy (Harry) Roth is the COO of Roths Genetics Resources.  Her responsibilities include researching and implemeneting molecular labororatories, development of protocols and validation plans, training technicians and other staff members, and researching methodologies.  Christy draws on experience from past laboratory supervisor positions at PinPoint Molecular in Greenville, SC and Predictive BioSciences in Cleveland, OH.  She also spent several years working at the Clevelnd Clinic in molecular cardiology laboratories.  Christy has a bachelors degree in Biology and is and M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina's Darla Moore Business School of Business.